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Cecilia Filter

Cecilia Filter
Vice President of Sales & Partner

With over a two decades of real estate experience, Cecilia Filter also known as "Ceci" is a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and seasoned Partner. She enjoys cultivating successful relationships and prides herself in maintaining long-lasting relationships.

Ceci started in the mortgage industry which exposed her to diverse situations and problem-resolution opportunities. Those years were her building blocks to take her into the Escrow industry where she was instrumental in building and working alongside some of the top escrow companies. She has worked with thousands of clients, including first-time buyers, sophisticated investors and commercial clients. Working with her clients has allows Ceci to help them through every step of the transaction, while stiving to achieve personal goals, both big and small, she works very closely with her clients to provide the very best in customer support and communication.

Ceci believes in supporting the success of those around her, as seen in her ability to lead with her hands-on, "can do" approach. Her attention to detail and fun-loving personality makes her a force to be reckoned with in the industry.