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Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial Escrow Services

What exactly is Commercial Escrow Services? Escrow services are services that require a buyer or seller to have a specific payment in place before the transaction closes. In order to understand Commercial Escrow Services, it is beneficial to first understand escrows in residential real estate. Escrow serves as a third party, guaranteeing payments to the property owner(s). This is done through an appointed third party that guarantees that payments will be made on time, as agreed upon in the purchase agreement. The role of this third party, also known as the escrow agent, usually comes from the previous closing of the deal or has been hired as part of the deal by the seller.

The role of the mortgage company when working with Commercial Escrow Services in California can sometimes differ slightly. In some cases, the mortgage company works with the buyer or seller to set up a system that allows them both to have a vested interest in the closing process. The mortgage company can assure the seller that the purchase price is reasonable and in good condition, while also requiring the seller to post a certain amount of earnest money (sometimes called earnest money cash) in an escrow account. At the same time, the mortgage company would need to have an accurate sales price for the property that is being offered. The escrow agent would act as the representative of the mortgage company, ensuring that the seller posted a sufficient amount of money and that the purchase price was an accurate representation of the property that the seller was offering.

commercial escrow serviceCommercial Escrow Services has been around almost as long as Commercial Real Estate transactions themselves. This is because the process of escrowing has almost as much importance to the seller of the property as it does to the buyer of the property. For this reason, buyers who are interested in Commercial Escrow Services need to be sure that they find a good company to work with.


One of the best ways to do this is to ask the broker that is working on the deal for a reference and to also ask the broker about the title insurance that is required for all Commercial Escrow Services. Icon Escrow & Settlement Services has earned a reputation as California’s leading full-service, independent escrow company with specialized services in residential and commercial sales, holding escrows, and new construction.  Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

Commercial Escrow Services Process

Title insurance is one of the most important aspects of the closing process for Commercial Escrow Services. When an agent is handling Commercial Escrow Services, this process will be one that is carefully handled. For one thing, the title to the property must be secure. This is a requirement for any Commercial Escrow Service, and this is something that needs to be explored at the time the contract for the service is being written. There are times when Experienced Escrow Agents can get involved in the process of securing the title, but this is only after the seller has posted the necessary money.

As soon as the title insurance process is complete, the buyer of the property will need to submit a deposit for the purchase price of the property. This is required so that the closing agent will have money to work with for the closing costs. Closing costs can really add up if the process is not completed properly, so it is best to make sure that this step is taken as close to the beginning of the process as possible. If the title search is not handled properly, and the process of securing financing for Commercial Escrow Services is not followed up on, then the closing agent could end up losing the deposit. It is important to understand that this is not always the case; but when it does happen, having the right information to protect against losing the deposit can prevent it from happening.

Once the closing process has begun, the buyer of the commercial property will need to notify the seller of the closing and the payment of the purchase price of the property. The amount paid to the seller will vary according to what the seller wishes to receive. If the owner wants to walk away from the deal, the seller will not be obligated to pay anything. However, many sellers do not feel as though they owe anyone anything and would rather just see the Commercial Escrow Services contract end and move on with their lives.

Commercial Escrow Services can really make things easier for all involved in the commercial real estate transactions that are being closed. When escorting services are used, all involved will only have to concentrate on closing costs. The escorting service area that is being used can actually provide for better profits and savings for the buyer and seller alike, allowing for easier transaction completion and fewer headaches for everyone. The service area will also be responsible for making sure that the purchase agreement complies with all local and federal laws and regulations.

Icon Escrow Commercial Services is the perfect solution for anyone who is interested in Commercial Escrow Services. The service area will provide everything the buyer needs to make the purchase agreement easier to understand and follow and will also be responsible for making sure the closing goes as smoothly as possible. By using Icon Escrow’s Commercial Escrow Service, buyers and sellers can benefit greatly. Contact Us Today for the best Commercial Escrow Services in California!