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Construction Escrow

Icon Escrow is California’s leading full-service, independent escrow company with specialized services in residential and commercial sales, holding escrows, and new construction.  

Most property construction whether new or for home repair and improvement works closely with an escrow. Let’s find out how escrow works in new construction and home improvement.


An escrow account is a type of holding account for funds on a construction project. It’s normally set up by the lender or a financial institution for a project.

The escrow account holds funds for the project till the work is finished, and then issues them to the contractor. Most of the time, these accounts are financed for the cost of the completed agreement for the project.

Construction Escrow service in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaEscrow accounts serve as a guarantee that funds are available for the project and contractors will not about getting paid. Aside from this, these accounts are often used with fund control, which assists banks and financial institutions manage their construction loans.

These kinds of accounts are usually found on financed projects, but they could be applied on any construction project to give additional assistance in handling project funds and as a guarantee that the owner has the money to finance the construction of the project.  


In case, you want to repair or improve something in your property, an appraiser will estimate how much these improvements and repairs will increase the value of the property. Which will lead you to have a repair escrow.

A repair escrow is an account set aside to pay for the improvements the property needs to reach its full appraised value.

That extra money from your lender goes into an escrow account set up at closing to pay for the needed repairs or improvement. When the work is completed, the funds are released and the escrow is closed.

California’s leading full-service, independent escrow company, Icon Escrow, has been serving escrow account for construction projects in Beverly Hills and surrounding area for many years


There are home renovation loan programs that allow money to be set aside for purposes other than insurance premiums and property taxes. One example is a repair escrow. 

These escrows often are included as part of a home renovation loan. A lender can take the value of a purchase, add the funds needed for repair or renovation, and roll them into a single loan such arrangements allow the borrower to avoid paying two sets of closing costs and escape the high interest rates of short-term lending.

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