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Emmanuel Felix

Emmanuel “Manny” Felix, Jr. Escrow Officer

Emmanuel “Manny” Felix combines his process-oriented mindset with comprehensive residential & commercial real estate experience to provide customer success throughout the escrow lifecycle. Earlier in his career, Manny helped establish a family-owned escrow startup. He was involved in creating processes & procedures that worked for the office’s operational capabilities and client needs. Now a part of Icon’s exceptional team, Manny appreciates their effective use of technology to drive accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. He is passionate about staying up to date on technological advancements relating to the industry and personal interests.

Well-versed in real estate contracts, escrow standards, lender policies, and title requirements, Manny takes an analytical approach to his role, including closing document preparation and building loan document packages. Manny is detail-natured, so he is happy to answer client questions regarding the meticulous, yet critical, aspects of escrow.

In additional to his interest in technology, including product innovation and gaming, Manny enjoys listening to podcasts & music as well as hiking in nearby state parks. Born and raised in South Los Angeles, he is a Spanish/English bilingual professional who believes that personal and team excellence are critical to providing exceptional service.