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Icon Escrow delivers unparalleled expertise in real estate transactions, ensuring a seamless closing process from preparing escrow instructions to distributing closing statements, supported by unrivaled knowledge and specialized industry-leading expertise.

We take a 30,000 foot view of your business, partnering alongside you for success. Experience personalized service and holistic unmatched collaboration. Elevate Your Real Estate Transactions with Icon Escrow.

Our Comprehensive Services Include: Escrow Services, Training, Social Media and Marketing Consultations, and so much more. We're Your Trusted Partner Every Step of the Way!

Our Services

Residential Escrow

When buying or selling a home, entrusting the escrow process to a reliable third party is crucial for seamless transactions; Icon Escrow offers comprehensive escrow services, ensuring efficient management of properties until closing, including timely payments, inspections, & maintenance, while maintaining open communication with all parties involved.

Commercial Escrow

Commercial Escrow Services ensure secure transactions, acting as a trusted third party to guarantee payments & facilitate smooth closings, with Icon Escrow offering specialized expertise & comprehensive assistance for both buyers & sellers.

Trust Sales

In real estate settlement processes, trust sales are pivotal yet challenging, involving trust sales professionals who provide crucial information to buyers & may require certification from a Realtor, while escrow services play a vital role in securing transactions offering various additional services such as credit verification & title insurance to clients, ultimately safeguarding investors & ensuring fair compensation, underscoring the necessity of authentic escrow involvement for trust sales transactions.

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